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Private Collection (I always have my materials)
Performance Studio Open House
CPR, Center for Performance Research
May 23, 2017 | 8pm
361 Manhattan Ave Brooklyn

Residency @ Tanzhaus Zurich
July 3-16, 2017


I am working with a group of 14 students at the University of the Arts to build a collective choreographic situation that prioritizes the working process as the performance. The group inhabits a structure that asks them to engage with the liveness of shaping attention toward and with one another, and choreographic gestures of framing and re-framing material. The performance, which is really a situation, enacts the liveness of a particular group of people working together inside of dance.

April 26 & April 29, 2017, UArts, Philadelphia
June 24, 2017, CND, Paris


Photo: Kyle Knodell

Temporary Walls is a performance with Yuri Masnyj. We made this work for Sculpture Center's basement as a part of "In Practice: Material Deviance," curated by Alexis Wilkinson.

January 28, February 11, March 4, March 25, 2017

To Huddle

Lately, I’ve been relating my experience of performing to that of becoming and unbecoming thing. When I perform, I loop from being subject to object and back again. Sometimes, I’m both at once. I imagine watching myself from a distance and I know that what it looks like is very different from what it feels like. This gap excites me.

I think this gap excites Simone Forti, too. Speaking of her 1961 Dance Construction, Huddle, during her recent Research Residency at Danspace Project, Forti said in her most playful way, “It still feels great to do it, and it still feels great to see it.” Forti articulates succinctly and without hesitation, “Huddle is both a dance and a sculpture.” As a participant in the workshops led by Forti, I had the opportunity to both watch and enact this dance-as-sculpture, sculpture-as-dance. Here are some reflections from the outside and the inside.

What it looks like: While watching others “huddle,”—the title functions as both a noun and a verb—I zoom in and out from micro to macro. I notice the adjustments of one foot in relation to another. I notice an arm wrapped around a back, the texture of shirt fabric under a hand. I notice what I’m seeing and also what I’m not—I’m not seeing the fronts of bodies; i.e.: I don’t see faces. So instead of seeing parts that belong to specific individuals, I’m tuning into parts that belong to some kind of disjointed whole. If I blur my focus, I see an organism in an ongoing process of expanding its shape and returning, expanding and returning. But if I snap back, I find my gaze is present with the negotiations and constant re-organizations of the group as each member works their way around, up, and over only to return to the huddle again.

What it feels like: Inside the huddle, it is dark. I have one hand wrapped around the back of the person next to me and another on my thigh. Our heads are all pointed toward the center, creating a shadowed enclave. It is hard to know exactly what is happening at any given moment. We are constantly adjusting, constantly ready–ready to support weight or anticipating our own path away from the center of the group, to move around, up, over, and return. I feel the support from the floor coming into my feet, and the tension between the sides of my body and the persons next to me. I am aware of my breath and the breath of those around me. We lean into each other to create a foundation, and at the same time an invisible energy force is being created in the space between all of us. I feel the weight of the group shift to negotiate each person who makes the climb, and I toggle between connecting to the strength of the group and the vulnerability of making the journey or of holding someone else’s weight as they do the same. In the huddle, I’m not really thinking. I’m just doing.

February 7, 2017

Group Work (a study for two)
performance with Emma Gesidorf
Movement Research at the Judson Church

February 6, 2017

effie bowen and I danced together
for Ruth Patir's "I dream of the elections"
Danspace Project at St. Mark's Church

January 20, 2017

Temporary Walls That Look and Feel Like Real Walls
a video with Yuri Masnyj

January 7, 2017

re: Nude in a Landscape
a performance by Lauren Bakst & Yuri Masnyj
Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery

December 16-18, 2016